Burak Yücel


I am Burak. Welcome to my portfolio about my career; experiences, projects, and skills. I have 4+ years of professional software development experience. Currently, I live in Antalya, Turkey. I am open to relocation.

When I was a child, I was playing video games most of my time and just wondered how those games work. I was creating my adventure games with just paper and colored pencils because I couldn't work with codes back then, and the only skill I could use is my creativity.

In 2005, we just got our personal computer and internet access finally. I was playing Flash games on the internet and realized there was a "concept" called ActionScript. ActionScript was a programming language based on the ECMAScript standard. I got so excited and started to use it. I was trying to learn it and finally could be able to write small fan games. In the same year, I worked with HTML. I was writing some HTML elements, and when I see my text bigger, bolder, or italic, I got happy. And in that time, These made me very motivated to learn C and C++ for game development in DirectX. They were too advanced for me back then but trying to understand these programming languages was very exciting for me.

Then, I realized they were not the limit of the capabilities of computer software. I continued to learn more for web development. Now I could express myself to the world easily in this digital journey.

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